A world of mirrors : what does it mean to be human?

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Imagine living alone in a world of mirrors, a special kind of mirrors. In every mirror, you see yourself with a different face and a different dress, a different shirt and different pants, but you know you are looking at yourself. If you hit the face in the mirror with your hand, you will feel pain in your face, not in your hand. Moreover, if you slowly get away from the mirror, you will see sadness in the face in front of you, but you will feel that this sadness stems from your own heart. You walk amid all these mirrors with all these different faces looking at you and yet you feel that there is only one being with one feeling and one goal.

If every human being looks at others around him as special mirrors, what concerns them concerns him, what hurts them hurts him, what brings joy to them brings joy to him and what grieves them grieves him, then, there will be no selfishness, pride or hatred. Instead, there will be only love, solidarity and total harmony between all members of society and between all races in the world.

Therefore, every human being should realize that he has no right to harm and exclude other people because of their difference. Everyone must remember that he was not free to choose neither his parents nor his place of birth; and he was not free to choose the shape of his face or the color of his skin, as well as those choices were not made available to others.

Although every single person has the right to feel proud of oneself, that does not give him the right to despise or reject the others. Everyone can make himself distinguished from the others by his efforts, work and skills, but without excluding them for reasons they have no power to change.

Let us be different to add something useful to others, not to take away their right to life.

Everyone should know that human beings are like mosaics, their beauty lies in their different colors, and you will not get the full picture unless you have all the pieces together.




Computer Science Engineer and Cisco Instructor

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Ouzani Abd Raouf

Ouzani Abd Raouf

Computer Science Engineer and Cisco Instructor

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